Musicalisador ƒƒ


Nomen est Omen ƒorte [ƒ] isnt just an Italian Word. It is a musical term. And thats easy and clear. ƒortissimo [ƒƒ] even means more dynamic, more energy, not only just lauder. And I just take that term because there is no simple musical term of Passion“. Or even more. Fortississimo in notation [ƒƒƒ] is not what Tango means. The meaning is: -> Play and dance Tango music with more Passion. With all youve got. And even more, thats most likely passionissimo“, and thats what it means to me!


And maybe, one day I take that term and give the name:  >>passionisimo<<


Right in the beginning of my DJ experience I learned it in Buenos Aires: DJ is not just a job. Do it like you wanna dance with somebody immediately. Mix the sound and the Tanda that way you keep dancing Make the Milonga going on and on and on ... recognize the level of dancers in the Salon.

The Set rules min.: 90% `Epoca de Oro´; max.: 5% `Guardia Vieja´ max. 5% or less TangoNoevo/ MilongaNoeva.

NonTango? What is it? OK, sometimes if the dancer really wont. I have one or two Tandas of particularly fantastic exceptional songs. ¡Claro!


First six string 1975

Professional guitar player since 2003

DJ in Düsseldorf Altstadt (Dungle) 1988-91 (I was young (18) and needed the money and had fun)

first german tournee with Asmodi Bizarr support "Die Toten Hosen" (klein bisschen Horror show) 1988-89

First contact with Tango 1979 (I should play Comparsita on Guitar, but I take Satisfaction)

First Tango dance with an Argentinia in 2002, Lanzarote, Playa Hondaand first tango CD -> Juan D'Arienzo y su Orquesta Tipica, Paciencia  ;-)


Started learning to dance Tango 2004

Start to Tango DJing in 2015

Tango School and Milonga 2016 (HOY-MILONGA.de, HOY-TANGO.de)

Djing: Neuss/ Düsseldorf(HOY-Tango.de resident DJ), NRW summer week, 2017

Buenos Aires (Maldita Milonga, periodically 2016/17/18 and De Querusa, Haraldido, El Cielo), 

Arnhem (Flore de Fango, periodically '16+'17+'18, International Week'17), Amsterfoort, NL, Cologne (Colón and Don Tango Club, periodically '15-'18) Düsseldorf (TanzhausNRW), Bochum (La Boca, periodically since '15), Dortmund, Kreuztal, Wuppertal (ADA, Roter Salon),  Aachen

ƒortissimo en Buenos Aires (De Querusa, 2016)

ƒortissimo en Buenos Aires (Maldita, 2018)

ƒortissimo en Buenos Aires (Maldita, 2018)

ƒortissimo en Buenos Aires (Maldita Domingo, 2017)

ƒortissimo en Buenos Aires (Maldita, 2017)

Musicalisador ƒƒ

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